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December 2016

Now, you have the chance to write by You Tube or on Facebook a comment about the Video. We want to give you for this short work a little Gift . The first 50 people which write a comment and send us on Facebook a short private message with your name, complete adress, get a personalized signed autograph. Please don’t forget the Name for the personalized signed autograph.

Here we go: Link to the official „Seven Moons“ Video:

November 2016

Hello fans, in the next weeks you get many news from us.Our Agentur EAM – Event and Artist Management help us to write to you all good news and we have some surprises for you, too. So come and enjoy to be a part of the Forty Shades Family. …

March 2016

LEGACY Interview: Im November letzten Jahres veröffentlichten die atmosphärischen Hard-Rocker ihr Debüt „Camera Silens“ und präsentierten damit die Früchte ihrer zweijährigen Arbeit. … | Link


It was a blast at Z7 Pratteln!
Forty Shades – Masters of Symphonic Metal – Z7 Pratteln (CH) 29.11.2015 with Beyond The Black, Masterplan, Elferya, Mooncry and Forty Shades

Link: Photogallery

Forty Shades z7 pratteln

August 4, 2015

REVIEW METALINSIDE: „…das Album ist homogener als jede Dr. Oetker Mischung!“ | Link



June 28, 2015

FORTY SHADES jetzt auch in polnischen kulturellen underground! | Link


June 4, 2015

FORTY SHADES in interview on COULEUR 3 | Play
COULEUR3 Krakoukass Website | Link

forty shades_couleur3